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G`d evening gents,

bought me a new second hand airgun last week. My first Bullpup. It was a bargain with a nasty edge. But i thought i was able to undo the edge of its sharp contours.

Pallas is said to be some German brand but in reality the Pallas is not mo` or less than Kral Arms from Turkey. Sometime ago i bought the Kral Puncher Pro, it was the worst grouping airgun i`ve ever held in my arms. So why buy another Kral Arms kinda airgun? Well, i don`t exactly know. Think i like working on an airgun. If this one doesn`t do what it oughtta i`m gonna put another barrel in it. But first let`s see what we`ve got.

A 12 shot bullpup.

In wich the magazines didn`t fit.

So i used my lathe to remove some .10 mm form the mags. And now they`re functioning again. I`m shooting airguns for quit some years but this is the first time this problem occurs.

There are lotsa similarities between the Kral and the Pallas.

The front end of both guns.

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